Does your garden and yard feel much too big to manage? If you were to ask me for help would you choose the word overwhelm to describe how you experience your outdoor space? I went from a beautiful, compact urban yard to trees, acres (not quite 2) and way, way more space than I could ever truly manage on my own.

First make a list of priorities. Do you really want to see flowers in the summer? Are you wanting to reduce your lawn footprint? Are you ready to start growing vegetables? Pick one focus for the coming season and try to stick to it. In doing so you will ignore the other aspects of your garden that are bothering you but there is always next summer. The key is to choose one part of your yard or garden to focus your efforts so you can see change. When we do little bits all over our yard we work very hard with minimal gain.

Second consider zones. Think about the zones you see as you walk or drive up to your house.  Is there a zone you can choose to not worry about at all? Maybe that zone is larger than you thought.

Third, think about what you see when you look out your kitchen window. Or living room window. Imagine the window is a frame and create a garden you want to see in that frame. Work on your design from the inside of the house, not the outside.


Finally consider ways to get assistance on the projects that are either too big or ones you have no desire doing. Or get help making something beautiful. Call your cooperative extension office to see what classes they may be offering. Talk to staff at your local garden center. Or hire someone like me. I can’t make the problems go away, but we can work on it together and sometimes just having someone to talk to can make all the garden overwhelm see so much more manageable. Shall we call it Flower Therapy?