We all know how much the small square packages of raspberries cost. And then when we get the home a few (or more if we are unlucky) are not quite edible. So plant a patch! Raspberries grown in our garden will never make it to the house as they are always eaten in the yard right off the canes. They are delicious!

There are two types of raspberries. One type is called “ever-bearing” and will grow fruit the first year it is planted but in the fall. “Summer bearing” raspberries produce fruit on canes that are one season old called Floricanes. The first linked resource below has a great image explaining canes/years. You can plant one type or consider mixing. Covering raspberries in the fall can extend your season past typical frost dates.

Varieties that will do well in Zone 5 – Zone 6 include: Prelude, Latham, Boyne, Caroline and many more. Consider planting an early season and mid or late season variety to extend the time you will have fruit.

And keep in mind raspberries will spread towards sun and water. So plant them knowing you will need to prune the canes (and they are somewhat thorny) and keep their expansion in check. I also use wire horizontally on my raspberry canes to keep them off the ground.

Resources: Raspberries for the Home Garden and Growing raspberries and blackberries