Sometimes the perfect gift is a service. In this case, the gift was hiring me to re-pot a Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) that had been in the same pot for many years. While generally this is an excellent practice because these plants bloom best with compressed roots, they do need nutrients from their soil. Also of note, while officially part of the cactus family, they are not a true cactus nor are they a succulent. While classified as a cacti, they grow in the wild as an Epiphyte and would love to be growing in a tree somewhere in southeastern Brazil. So they have an odd niche in terms of soil, light, etc.

Lucky for me I chose a beautiful February day to work on this fabulous plant. I cleaned up her roots, freshened her soil, added some slow release fertilizer and gave all of her leaves a good cleaning. I love working outside and it was lovely to spend my morning on this project in a beautiful setting. We all must remember gifts come in us in so many different ways. Today was such a gift.