Calypso Garden Services

Fine Gardening and Garden Coaching in the Seacoast

The Gardener

Jacqueline Bruhn is a Master Gardener currently gardening in Strafford County, New Hampshire. She provides fine gardening services, garden coaching and garden maintenance in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire. Jacqueline believes sustainable gardens can be beautiful.

Jacqueline is a Lifetime Master Gardener with over 15 years experience growing and educating on both the west and east coast. Jacqueline has helped hundreds of gardeners create beautiful spaces to live and grow in.

Jacqueline loves experimenting in her garden – everything gets a try for at least one growing season. She currently is growing everything from asparagus to raspberries in her Durham garden.

Jacqueline is currently co-chair of the Strafford County Master Gardeners (on Facebook!).

Jacqueline is currently part of the ORCSD Sustainability Committee as Green Team Leader at Oyster River Middle School in Durham, NH.